Pathways Private Collection

The fifty plus works in this collection vary widely from Oregon outdoor scenes, to portraits of workers in factory and field work, to still life.  They range in size from 4'x3' to 4"x3", date from the 1930's to the 1970's, and all are framed.  The artists are listed alphabetically with their biographies and art in the collection.  The art is individually priced.


Pathways Original Print Collection

This 33 piece collection was assembled by Tricia Kauffman at Art Space Gallery in Bay City, Oregon at my request to be offered to educational institutions and small towns in Oregon to enable them to share our history through art.  It includes work from 13 Oregon artists who worked for the WPA or were closely associated.  All pieces were printed by the artists at the time of creation and all but four are framed.  We anticipate that grants would make purchasing by not for profit or government agencies a possibility.


Martina Gangle Curl Numbered Re-Strike Prints

This collection of 12 numbered re-strike prints was recently made from Martina's original etchings, carefully printed and numbered to capture the intensity and originality of Martina's work.  The prints celebrate Martina's focus on women, children, race relations, workers, and the terror of the Nazis.  .